EBON Temple, Inc. was given to our Founder, Bishop Thomas S. Lee, Jr., years ago through a vision.  It emerged from a community choir, The Ebony Voices.

The term EBON is an acronym, meaning “Everlasting Believers of the Nazarene.”  This is a non-denominational ministry, branded a Holy Church, directed by the Holy Spirit.  EBON is a unified body of believers, confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and accepting the Holy Bible as the written source of authority.

The purpose of this ministry is to bring together the minds of people, helping to eliminate unsound doctrines that prevent unity in Christ.  We believe in the Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost) and stress the importance of Love, Peace, and Happiness.

The founding board of EBON Temple consisted of 11 people.  The doors were opened in January of 1986 at the Lake Richmond Drive Christian Center, the first outreach center.  God abundantly blessed the ministry there.  As a result of faithful labor, winning souls, and continued growth, phaseone of EBON Temple was constructed on the site at 7255 Wallace Road.  The first service was held on June 3, 1990 and the dedicatory services were held July 22- August 5, 1990.

Through continued prayer, faith, and dedication to his service and business, God rewarded us greatly by giving us new grounds.  The groundbreaking ceremony, for this our present site, was held January 11, 1998 and the dedication and consecration service was September of 1998.  GOD IS AWESOME!

The scripture upon which we stand is II Corinthians 5:17 which states, “Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.”  Our prophetic scripture is Isaiah 60:18-22, given to Sister Dorothy Whitaker at the conception of the ministry.

EBON’s ministries, affectionately known as ETC, extend to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Massachusetts, and include EBON Temple, Orlando - Pastor Tremayne Lee; Miracle Tabernacle, Orlando (the Late Bishop Alphonzo Hardeman) - Pastor Linda Neely; Abundant Life, Pavo, GA, Pastor Morris Pittman; Many Mansions, Thomasville, GA., Pastor Luther Woodruff; the Alabama Ministry; Youth Ministry; Singles and Couples Ministries; Tourist Ministry; Dance Ministry, Banner Ministry, and Compassion Ministry.


Lake Richmond Drive Christian Center

4287 Lake Richmond Drive

EBON Temple, Inc.

7255 Wallace Road

EBON Temple Inc.

7001 Wallace Road

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